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The Gathering Place - Our Story

"My name is Norv, and this is my wife, Sharon. We'd like to tell you about our store and our bakery, known as The Gathering Place...We want (customers) to leave full, blessed and glad they were here."

Posted by The Bread Basket Bakery on Monday, October 2, 2017

My husband and I, along with our six children own and operate a bulk food store in Northern Idaho in the beautiful town of Bonners Ferry. This has been a learning experience for us, we enjoy learning to know our customers and the food needs they have. We do a lot of special orders, so let us know how we can help you out.

We are starting this website in hopes to share with our customers and friends many across the USA and in Canada, info about our new products, tips on cooking, recipes using our products and lots of input from you! There is so much information out there and we do research for customers all the time on using /cooking with grains,etc. so follow us on Facebook or Instagram  for links to check it out for yourself!

It all started in the basement of our home in 2006 as a little sideline business/hobby for me. We soon outgrew that and since we sold our home and had to move out in 2008 anyway, we decided to go with an actual storefront just north of Bonners Ferry in a tiny house that we outgrew again! We moved just up the street to the other half of a building which housed “The Bread Basket Bakery”, a shop that serves coffee, fresh made-from scratch – doughnuts and yummy sandwiches made from their homemade breads.

We’ve expanded since then several times, adding handmade Amish -built rocking chairs, fabrics, Christian books, and toys. People are catching on to the convenience of having bulk foods on hand and cooking from scratch which means us stocking up so we can offer it to you! We have had many requests for more gluten – free products, more organic items and also more natural foods with less additives, preservatives and added color!

New Chapters to Our Story:

3- Mile Produce: We have added grower direct seasonal produce! Continuing 10 years of cultivated relationships with fruit and vegetables growers, 3-Mile Produce Stand is the place to grab a couple of apples for a snack or bushels of beans for canning! Located just outside the Bread Basket, stop by and enjoy crisp vegetables and tasty fruits! Learn more about pre-order specials and when to expect your favorites!

The Gathering Place: The term, Gathering Place, has special meaning to us. We commit every day to creating a place where friends, neighbors and travelers, can gather together and share a cup of coffee and donuts at The Bread Basket. We are committed to providing great prices on bulk foods at Sharon’s Country Store and making the freshest grower direct fruits and vegetables available to our customers at 3-Mile Produce. How can we do this? Above all, we are committed to making you feel welcome, to feel at home, and to doing all we can to better your day.

This commitment has seen Sharon’s Country Store grow to include The Bread Basket, and most recently 3-Mile Produce Stand. Thanks to a sign we hung up next to our Amish rockers, a sign that read “The Gathering Place”, our friends began referring to our three stores collectively as “The Gathering Place”…hmm…We liked the sound of that. So thanks to all of you, we are now officially “The Gathering Place”. Don’t worry, Sharon’s, The Bread Basket and 3-Mile Produce are still here, joined together as “The Gathering Place”.

Come…Sit…Stay Awhile

– Norv & Sharon

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living local article on:

The Gathering Place

There’s something unique about the enterprise on the side of Highway 95, just a half-mile north of the junction of Highway 2 and 3-Mile. At first look it appears to be the start of a small strip mall, a couple of small businesses on the side of a highway; but the pickups, cars and SUVs out front purport something good is happening inside.

I stopped for the first time about a year and a half ago. Now I pull over nearly every time I travel by, if for nothing more than to buy a cup of really good coffee. I go in generally through the door on the Bread Basket side, which has the words “The Gathering Place” painted on wood above the doorjamb. It is interesting they should call it that because it surely has become such for many of the rural residents and passersby whom you will find in there at almost any hour of the day.

I think I understand now what it might be, besides the good bakery food and the exquisite quality of bulk foods, sundry goods and products in Sharon’s Country Store in the south half. It’s the quality of life in the air. Does that seem subjective? Well, I’m a writer, a thinker. I ponder things like that. I want to know.

Over many visits, I watched the patrons and got to know some of the employees. The latter are always, without exception, pleasant, helpful, and courteous, and yes, hardworking. I began to suspect that was what attracted me in my search for uniqueness, for whatever it was that set this place apart. Now I’ve come to truly believe that it does in fact have to do with the people who serve us from the interior of Sharon’s Country Store & Bread Basket Bakery. But that’s not all of it.

There’s no doubt the quality of food in the bakery coupled with the delightful assortment in the store are exceptional. My photo illustrations show some of why so many stop: from curious tourists, Selkirk Loopers, truckers, ranchers and farmers to city folks from Coeur d’Alene or Spokane and Canadians too.

I haven’t nailed it yet, but I’ll tell you this; Sharon’s is pleasantly unique. If you’re weary, depressed or stressed, you’ll find reprieve here, a warm smile perhaps, genuine in nature. Whatever that essence is, it differs from the normal hustle felt in most businesses on your path through life.

Norv and Sharon Skrivseth bought the bakery a couple of years ago from good friends, Daryl and Dorothy Chupp. Now store and bakery operate as one business. In June, Yoder’s Fruit Stand returns to expand the enterprise. Ray and Fern Yoder want to retire; but Norv and Sharon plan to continue carrying farm-raised fruits and vegetables by adding Yoder’s Fruit Stand to their enterprise hoping to expand with more locally grown organics.

If you have not been by Sharon’s Country Store & Bread Basket Bakery, be sure to soon. You will enjoy great food, a welcoming atmosphere, and you are sure to make a few friends along the way too!


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